Welcome to The New Normal

Tailor-fitted strategies to support governments in redrawing the local economy

The following strategies were already implemented with success in Italy during the pandemic Covid-19

Smart Digital City

Development of a central platform of content, especially videos related to the routine of the community.

Digital Academy

A local academy, fully online, offering quick courses for those who need to be digitally updated.

Km Zero Marketplace

Community engagement network of mutual help in which citizens help local businesses recover.

Strategic Partnerships

Development of tailor-fitted strategic alliances and partnership between local governments and private sector.

Smart School Strategies

Full support in developing strategies, in hardware and software, for digitalization of the education system.

Public Polices

Technical advice to governments in the developing of public polices and projects to recover the local economy.

Our Smart Team

Our team is composed by world experts in complementary fields as Smart City, Global Law, Urban design

Localization Will Be The New Black

Despite being a trend that had gained force over the past decade, especially in Europe after the 2008 crisis, few were the times in which I saw the term “localization” being defended didactically in the context of global economy. Generations Y (born from 1982 to 1994) and Z (born between 1995 and 2010), especially the latter, which is also known as post-millennials or centennials, already showed a natural preference for localization in their lifestyles and consumption habits. (De Castro, 2020)

A new world reality requires a brand new approach

Welcome to KM 4.Zero Economy Program

White Paper 2020

Download our white paper bellow to get full access to the program developed in Rovolon, Italy.

The fourth industrial revolution was already knocking on our doors long before this new pandemic. Although technology had already started to empower citizens and significantly increase the role of our cities, the real disruption was never the technology itself, but the speed of change. Take all this, multiply it by a thousand and you will have a small idea of the reality that awaits us post-covid19. Welcome to the new world of the KM 4.Zero economy, a new paradigm that combines the super local (km zero) with the hyper-technological (4.0).


La quarta rivoluzione industriale stava già bussando alle nostre porte prima di questa pandemia. Sebbene la tecnologia avesse già iniziato a potenziare i cittadini e ad aumentare il ruolo delle nostre città, la vera perturbazione non fu mai la tecnologia stessa, ma la velocità del cambiamento. Prendi tutto questo, moltiplicalo per mille e avrai una idea della realtà che ci aspetta post-covid19. Benvenuti nel mondo dell’economia KM 4.Zero, un paradigma che combina il superlocale con l’ipertecnologia.


A quarta revolução industrial já batia nas nossas portas muito antes desta nova pandemia. Embora a tecnologia já havia começado a empoderar os cidadãos e a aumentar o protagonismo das nossas cidades, a verdadeira disrupção nunca foi a tecnologia em si, mas sim a velocidade das mudanças. Pegue tudo isso, multiplique por mil e você terá uma pequena ideia da realidade que nos espera pós-covid19. Bem-vindo ao mundo da economia KM 4.Zero, um paradigma que combina o superlocal ao hipertecnológico.

About Us

The world is now certainly facing a new era of smart city development. More cities are adopting the philosophy and citizens are becoming the main stakeholder in the process. The long, costly and hard path taken by the pioneers can be now effectively shortcut. SmartUp is the concept behind thinking Smart Cities under the new approach of start-ups.  Smart City is not just a global trend, It is not a fancy urban tendency or tech revolution, It is a need. It is quite clear that the world is rushing to get smarter not to collapse.

SmartUp Consultancy Firm was created in 2016 in Barcelona as a response to the main challenges of the fast urban development we are experiencing the 21st century. From Dubai to Beijing, Rio de Janeiro to New Delhi, it has been more that 15 international projects developed in cooperation with local governments and private institutions.

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